Housing Requirements

Here are Morningside we believe that campus life, including living on campus, is an integral part of the college experience. Full-time undergraduate students who have not reached senior status, or meet another of the following criteria, are required to live on campus. Other statuses exempting this include:

  • A student has reached 91 or more credit hours
  • A student is married
  • A student has dependent children living with them
  • A student will reach their 22nd birthday before the end of the current semester
  • A student is living with a parent or guardian within 45 miles of Morningside

If a student wishes to be approved to live off campus, they must submit a Request for Housing Policy Exemption to the Residence Life Office, which must be approved before moving. A violation of this housing policy will result in the fining of a standard double room.

Many students greatly enjoy the community that Morningside offers and choose to live on campus for the duration of their studies. There are plenty of housing options for lower- and upperclassmen, assuring that you will find a place you belong!