Experience Matters

Morningside has a way of quickly becoming a place where you will feel welcome and comfortable. In fact, it's pretty common to hear students say that Morningside feels like home.

Our focus on making sure experiences matter as well as our positive, warm campus community has a lot to do with that. Not only are there numerous ways to get involved, but we encourage your active participation in the Morningside experience. This is just one more way we are dedicated to Morningside’s mission of cultivating students who have a passion for lifelong learning and a dedication to ethical leadership and civic responsibility.

What's a better way to gain experience than to get involved on campus?

Through our numerous arts programs, including graphic design, choir, band, and theatre, and our campus organizations and activities, you will always have experiences waiting for you. Many interests and people are represented; it's up to you to join in. If you feel like there won't be a place for you, you can always start a club, or ask your friends for advice! Morningside is here to offer you the best home-away-from-home feel possible.