"My study abroad semester enabled me to meet many professors from diverse backgrounds, each bringing a unique perspective, an interesting teaching style, and valuable knowledge to the table. Researching about the North Korean nuclear threat with a former advisor to the South Korean government and participant of the six-party-talks, or learning about economic regionalism in South East Asia from a Malaysian professor, enriched my academic experience enormously.

-Joschua Schanda (Kansai Gaidai, Japan)

Study Abroad Programs

Morningside University offers the opportunity to participate in various study abroad programs. Most programs provide opportunities for extensive travel in addition to regular classroom studies. The following study abroad programs are offered to qualifying Morningside University students. This list does not include study abroad May Term classes that are offered to students as well.

Current Students: Information and sign-up forms for Study Abroad programs can be found on my.morningside.edu. 

Morningside in Italy

Morningside in Italy is a semester-long program for students and professors that combines classroom study and research with the experiential learning opportunities of Italy. Students follow a flexible full-time curriculum (16 hours) that allows a choice of prefixes and academic levels while fulfilling a variety of general education requirements.

Study Abroad through Central College Cooperative Partnership Program

Morningside University has a cooperative partnership with Central College (Pella, Iowa) to allow our students to study abroad through one of their approved programs. Central's study abroad program brings opportunities for students to study in Wales, Spain, the Netherlands, England, Mexico, France, and Austria. There are no foreign language requirements for students to study in the program.

Kansai Gaidai Student Exchange Program (Hirakata, Japan)

The purpose of the exchange program is to promote international friendship and world peace by stimulating and supporting intercultural activities and projects among students from the United States and Japan. Academic work is in English.

Irish American Scholars Exchange Program (Northern Ireland)

Through a partnership with United Methodist-related colleges (Presbyterian and Catholic as well), the government of Northern Ireland, and its five major universities, students can study for up to a year in Northern Ireland.

Edge Hill University (Lancashire, England)

Edge Hill University offers a variety of courses in Business Management & Leisure; Computing and Information Systems; English; History; Sport and Physical Activity; Law & Criminology; Media; Ecological Sciences; Social & Psychological Sciences; Performing Arts and Education.

The Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Oxford, England)

The Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at St. Michael's hall offers an exciting opportunity to explore classical studies amidst the academic, cultural, and social life of Oxford. The aim of the program is to provide each student with rigorous training in particular disciplines.

Regent's University London (London, England)

Formerly British American College London, the program offers a wide choice of majors in management, media, international relations, politics, psychology, and the liberal arts. The campus is ideally located in Central London, within the beautiful Regent's Park.

Consortium Institute of Management and Business Analysis (Italy)

This program offers semester and summer programs in Italy for undergraduate students. The majority of the courses are for students pursuing a business major. Courses are also available in economics, journalism, communication studies, and beginning Italian. In addition to coursework, students gain meaningful international experience through interaction with the local culture, visits to area businesses and travel opportunities that are built into the program.

Spanish Studies Abroad

Promotes in-depth understanding of Spanish-speaking countries through academically challenging courses as well as experiential learning opportunities. As a Spanish Studies student, you will focus on improving language skills as well as other area studies and become a part of the local community. Morningside offers programs in various cities in Spain as well as Argentina and Cuba.

Lucerne Switzerland Exchange Program

The University of Teacher Education Central Switzerland Lucerne offers basic teacher training for the pre-school level, primary level (1st to 6th school year), lower secondary level (7th to 9th school year), upper secondary level (baccalaureate) and for special needs education. Although this semester-long study abroad location is best suited for students majoring in education, this experience is open to students in other majors as well. Course work is taught in English; however, students will be required to take coursework in introductory to German as well.

The Washington Semester at American University in Washington, D.C.

Though not study abroad, it is certainly a different cultural experience than Sioux City. For the purpose of scholarship money, this will be treated as though it is a study abroad opportunity. Programs of study include American Politics, Foreign Policy, Glocal Economics and Business, International Law and Organizations, Journalism and New Media, Justice and Law, Religion, Politics, Peace and Security, Public Health and Sustainable Development.

Council on International Educational Exchange or CIEE

CIEE offers the ability to study abroad in one of 43 countries on six continents. Many of these programs teach courses in English. CIEE has expanded Morningside's offerings to include not only the humanities but specific programs in most academic areas including fine arts, communications, business, international relations, sciences, sustainability and development, ecology, and public health. In addition, students will have the opportunity to learn the predominant language of their host country. CIEE offers numerous scholarships to participants

Critical Language Scholarship Program

This is a summer program in which all costs are paid by the U.S. Department of State. Students have the ability to learn a language the U.S. deems critical to building relationships in today's world. Examples of languages include Azerbaijani, Bangla, Hindi, Indonesian, Persian, Swahili and Turkish. Applicants must be United States citizens at the time of application.

School for Field Studies

School for Field Studies is focused on sustainability and environmental science. They have programs in Peru, Bhutan, Panama, Turks and Caicos, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Tanzania, and Australia/New Zealand. They have both semester-long and summer programs available.

University Studies Abroad Consortium or USAC

A non-profit consortium of universities that offers low-cost study abroad in 26 different countries. Students get to study the predominant language of the host country, as well as a variety of other academic subjects. Each site has its own unique set of classes available to students, many taught in English.