May Term

students rafting for may term

May Term at Morningside University gives you the opportunity to take a class not normally offered. Many courses involve travel both across the US and abroad, while there are also several options for students on campus.

The courses offered during May Term are designed by faculty and allow students to learn about unique topics. On-campus May Term classes have included the science of cooking, the mathematics of baseball statistics and much more. Some of the traveling May Term courses have gone to such places as New York, Hawaii, England, Germany, Ireland, and Paris.

The May Term curriculum changes each year and completion of at least one May Term class is required for graduation. If you are enrolled in the preceding Spring Term, you can enroll in one May Term course for no tuition; however, if you take advantage of a traveling May Term course, you are required to pay for the cost of the travel. There are numerous scholarships provided for May Term including the Waller Family Endowed Scholarship for May Term travel.

In 2022, our traveling May Terms will include trips to:

  • Finland and Sweden – Jessica Pluess
  • Mythological Greece – Shannon DeClute and Brian McFarland
  • Exploring Ireland – Jessica LaPaglia and David Elder Music,
  • Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic – Ryan Person and Tom Paulsen
  • Cuisine and Culture in Italy – Susie Lubbers
  • Belize – Aaron Bunker and Tywla Rosenbaum

In 2023, our traveling May Terms will include trips to: 

  • Puerto Rico:  Island of Natural Wonders - Amanda Haverhals & Jackie Barber
  • Coexistence:  Spain and Morocco - Elizabeth Coody and Shannon Claxton
  • Exploring Japan:  A Cultural Immersion Experience - Greg Guelcher and Patrick McKinlay
  • Perfect Peru: Land of the Inca's - Lillian Lopez and Marilyn Eastman
  • The British Isles:  England, Ireland and Wales - Leslie Werden/Susie Lubbers


Connie Wimer Family Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship Application for May Term International Travel